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Crane Rental Rates


Per Hour

Overtime Per Hour

23.5 Ton
Stinger/Terex Boom Truck

$125.00 $145.00
35 Ton
(Maximum Boom 135')
$150.00 $175.00
50 Ton
(Maximum Boom 140')
$160.00 $185.00
60 Ton
(Maximum Boom 150')
$180.00 $205.00
65 Ton
(Maximum Boom 150')
$195.00 $220.00
75 Ton
(Maximum Boom 190')
$200.00 $225.00

65 Ton and 75 Ton cranes carry an extra charge of $350.00, Each Way, to transport the additional counterweight to the job site and back to the shop. ($700.00)

These are LOCAL rates with a four (4) hour minimum including travel time from port to port. Jobs outside the Columbus/Phenix City/Fort Benning area will carry and eight (8) hour minimum including travel time from port to port. The boom truck has a four (4) hour minimum in the Columbus area and a six (6) hour minimum outside the Columbus area, including travel time from port to port.

All cranes, with the exception of the boom truck, are Grove Hydraulic cranes and the hourly rate includes our crane operator. If a rigger is requested, there will be an additional charge of $55.00 per hour straight time and $75.00 per hour overtime. The same minimum will apply on the rigger as the crane.

Overtime rates are applied to all jobs performed on Saturday or Sunday and after 4 p.m. weekdays. Please call for holiday rates.

No bare rentals are permitted by our insurance carrier. All equipment is rented with our operator. We also have a tractor and trailer that can be utilized in conjunction with the crane rental, but is not for hire just for hauling. Please call for rates.


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